Hardy Fell bred Fell ponies

The Ponies

Our lines trace back to Heltondale stock and represent a very typical sample of the Fell pony.

Their bone, feather and general substance is excellent and they have very good all round action and movement. Having been bred and reared in the harsh conditions of Shap, they are tremendously hardy and will do well in any situation. Some of the mares have never been handled and live in feral conditions, trusting to their instincts in hard weather; yet their foals come to hand within a matter of 24 hours and become really quiet. There isn't a bad-tempered one amongst them.

Our mares make good mothers and produce consistent stock. Greenholme Kitty, who has been highly successful under saddle, is shown below with her colt Tarnbeck Raven (by Heltondale Bellman).

Greenholme Kitty and foal Tarnbeck Raven

Many of our ponies carry the bloodlines of Heltondale Black Prince III who stood at Stoney Gill for several years just prior to his export to Germany.

Other recent prize winners include Greenholme Petal, Greenholme Percy, Greenholme Kitsey, and Greenholme Kelly who is a noted prize winner in showing, driving, jumping and dressage - plus giving her owner much pleasure going hunting, and on fun rides and hacks out.

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The Ponies

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